1. What areas do you cover?
    Our standard installation area is within approximately 80 miles from either design center. Our licensing covers West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  Anything outside of these areas are addressed on a case by case basis with your sales associate.
  2. What is the difference between Granite and Quartz?
    Granite, marble, and soapstone are natural stones that are quarried from the earth and cut into blocks then slabs. Engineered stone, also referred to as quartz, is a man-made material consisting of quartz (mineral found in natural stone), resin and color pigment mixed and then formed into a slab.
  3. Can I install my own countertops?
    Although you can, it is advised that granite and quartz countertops be installed  professionally due to the size, weight, and skills required to provide a quality fit and finish.
  4. What is your lead time?
    We will work with you on your scheduling requirements. Typically, from template to install, is 2-3 weeks. Once a contract is signed, your sales associate will work with you to ensure your materials to build your job are at our fabrication facility at the time of template.
  5. What is templating?
    Templating is when our skilled field team physically confirms the final dimensions of your project using various methodologies. It is during this visit that the final details will be confirmed and signed off on including sink details, faucet information, backsplash, etc.
  6. Are my cabinets strong enough to hold the weight of Granite or Quartz?
    All cabinets within buildings that are built to the state and county codes should accept the weight of a stone countertop which is approximately 16-18 pounds per square foot.
  7. How do I clean Granite and Quartz countertop?
    The Natural Stone Institute (www.naturalstoneinstitute.org) provides a complete brochure of care and cleaning instructions. See attached link. https://www.naturalstoneinstitute.org/consumers/care/ Engineered stone/quartz care and cleaning is identified by each individual brand on their website.
  8. Are my countertops sealed?
    Granite countertops are porous and are recommended to be sealed. Our company offers a commercial grade sealer. The porosity of quartz is minuscule and therefore the industry currently states sealer is not required.
  9. Can I cut food directly on my Granite or Quartz countertop?
    Granite and quartz are scratch and stain resistant but not scratch and stain proof. We recommend utilizing a cutting board and a hotplate as a heat protector to prolong the life and image of your finished design.

A note from the owner

We at Nature’s Granite are extremely excited to add a second Slab Selection Center. We are truly focused on understanding your requirements and making your dreams a reality. By having our own stone fabrication facility a short distance from our slab selection center, we have the flexibility needed to infuse your design into your project and meet your schedule.

Christine Congedo, Owner